MIBST School 2024 Dates: Beet End 6/4-6/14/2024 * Sugar End 7/9-7/18/2024 * Ag School 7/22-7/26/2024 * Engineer School 10/22-10/25/2024

Kimberly Curly Top Nursery 2022

June6 Cultivation was done in the genetics area.
June13 Hand weeding in the genetics area was done on June 13. Alleyways and thinning were done in the commercial area.
June15 We released beet leafhoppers on June 15.
June27 We are spraying the hoppers on Monday, June 27 since it will be too windy on Wednesday. The commercial field will get its second next glyphosate application.
June29 We have good symptoms in the nursery and the first curly top rating will occur on Wednesday, June 29.
July7 Symptoms are developing nicely. We conducted the second rating on July 6 for the commercials and the first rating in the genetics section. We anticipate the next rating will occur on Tue July 19.
July19 We conducted the third rating on July 19. The photos show two plots with considerable symptoms. One plot was almost completely dead and the plot in the other photo was not far behind.
Plot #2
We completed ratings in mid-July. All participants have their data.