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Kimberly Curly Top Nursery 2023

May12 This nursery was planted on May 2 into dry ground. The first irrigation was on May 6 and the second was on May 12.
June2 The stand is good in the commercial area. The genetic alleyways got sprayed out with glyphosate on Wed May 31. Borders also got glyphosate on Wed. The plot areas are scheduled for cultivation on Mon June 5. Hand weeding is scheduled for Wed June 7. Hopper release is scheduled for Mon June 12.
June15 The cultivation/hand weeding were affective. We have good weed control and the plots look good. We released hoppers on the plots on Monday June 12 and have been moving them with tarps all week. We anticipate the first disease rating may occur the last week of June.
June26 Symptoms are developing well. We will be conducting the first curly top rating on the commercial entries later this week.
July13 The second commercial rating was conducted on Wed July 12. The symptoms looked good and are progressing as expected. The genetic area was hand weeded and rated as well. The 3rd rating for the commercials is scheduled for Mon July 24.
The third rating was conducted today. I attached photos of the susceptible check and the best commercial entry. (below)
August24 All participants got their data already. The field is scheduled for crop destruct the week of Aug 28.