MIBST School 2024 Dates: Beet End 6/4-6/14/2024 * Sugar End 7/9-7/18/2024 * Ag School 7/22-7/26/2024 * Engineer School 10/22-10/25/2024

Kimberly Rhizoctonia Nursery 2022

June6 This week cultivation was done in the genetics area.
June13 Hand weeding in the genetics area was done on June 13. Alleyways and thinning were done in the commercial area.
June27 The second glyphosate application will happen on Monday, June 27. We will inoculate the plots on June 30.
July7 The plants have been inoculated and are growing well. We should start seeing symptoms in a couple weeks. Hand weeding will occur in the genetics section on Mon July 11.
July19 The plot area now has a fermented smell indicating disease is progressing nicely. A few scattered plants have collapsed and died.
We completed ratings on Aug 2-3. We had good disease pressure.