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Kimberly Rhizoctonia Nursery 2023

May12 The nursery was planted on May 2 into dry ground. It was irrigated for the first time on May 5. The second irrigation was May 12.
June2 The stand is good. The genetic field got the alleyways sprayed out with glyphosate on Wed May 31. The genetic plot areas are scheduled for cultivation on Mon June 5. Hand weeding is scheduled for Wed June 7.
June15 The glyphosate in the commercial area and cultivation/hand weeding in the genetics were affective. We have good weed control and the plots look good. We are scheduled to inoculate the plots on Friday June 30. We will likely spray glyphosate again before the end of June in the commercial area.
June26 We will be inoculating the Rhizoctonia nursery on Friday this week. We will be applying the second glyphosate application this week to the commercial area.
July13 We expect to begin seeing symptoms in the next 2 weeks. We may already have some beginning to develop in the genetic section. The genetic area was hand weeded as well.
July24 The symptoms are being slow to develop. Normally we would have strong symptoms by now and we do not. We will continue to monitor this nursery closely.
The symptoms were slow to develop this year. The nursery is scheduled for evaluation on Sept 13. Attached is a photo of an infected plant from the nursery.