MIBST School 2024 Dates: Beet End 6/4-6/14/2024 * Sugar End 7/9-7/18/2024 * Ag School 7/22-7/26/2024

Michigan Cercospora Nursery 2022

April29 The cercospora nursery was planted on 4/29.
We've had some timely rain and the beets are emerging.
June6 The beets were thinned and are doing well.
The beets are growing well and maturing. It rained 0.4" on 6/20 and has been warm and sunny since then.
Most of the field is doing well. There is a small section that seems to be in a sand knoll and is a little behind. It's been a little dry lately, and some rain would be helpful.
July13 The nursery was inoculated.
July28 Disease is developing, and we are starting to see some spots on the beets.
August12 The Cercospora nursery was rated for the first time this year. Ratings were between 1 and 4.
August19 We did the second rating of the nursery this week. The disease had increased. The ratings ranged from 1 to a single plot that head reached a rating of 6 (0-10 scale where 0 = no spots and 10 = complete defoliation). The majority of plots ranged between 3 and 4, with highly resistant materials still rating primarily as 1s. We will send some pictures next week.
We rated the cercospora nursery. Ratings were between 1 and 7 with most between 3 and 5. The weather seems to be cooling off a little, and we expect the peak of the disease to happen in the next week or so.
We rated the cercospora nursery. Ratings were between 1 and 8 and most ratings were between 5 and 6.
We rated the cercospora nursery. Ratings were between 2 and 8, and most were at 6.
September15 Ratings for the cercospora nursery were between 2 and 8. Most ratings were around 6. We are starting to see a lot of regrowth, so this will be our last rating.